Around the Yard Around the Yard A well deserved break relaxing in the filed during their summer break 194454726 Galloping The all weather gallop keeping us on the road during a frosty spell 194454728 Just Chilling Lady Hackpen relaxing in the field 194454729 Hunting Shrewd Investment before a day out with the VWH 194454732 Happy Hippo Absolutely Barking after a mud bath 194454735 Hunting Some pointers qualifying with the VWH 194455037 Shrewd Investment Shrewd Investment enjoying an afternoon in the field 194455038 The Mile One of our 3 grass gallops 194455255 Schooling fences The large schooling fences 197570603 The Mile Full Trottle leads Dalmo and Nightscape up the mile gallop 197570604 Hunting Laura and Maggie at the meet 197570605 The Mile Full trottle and Dalmo 197570606 Swing Bridge 197570607 Racecourse Gallop Shrewd Investment, Tocca ferro and Nightscape at Kempton 197570812 Walking Home Full Trottle, Dalmo and Nightscape walking back home after galloping 197570608 Respectueux 197570813 Tocca Ferro 197570814 Racecourse Gallop Tocca Ferro Shrewd Investment and Nightscape galloping at Kempton 197570615 schooling Laura and Tucumcari 197571116 Schooling Clare and Nightscape 197571117 Schooling Laura and Tucumcari 197571118